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Life is funny. It’s also tragic, hilarious, mortifying and beautifully insane. We all go through it, it’s impossible to escape. Yet we as humans so often feel isolated and ashamed in our hardships, we project only what we think others will accept -- and suffer in silence, until we implode… 

Bred from my own battles with depression and the general anxieties that accompany the aging youth, the dark-comedy, ALL ABOUT SEX, captures one of life’s most volatile transitions -- when the phrase “you have plenty of time” quickly recedes and “oh fuck, I’m totally behind the curve” becomes the perpetual present. Our love affairs, work life and general existence seems to face plant. We stay in toxic relationships, drink to laugh, and work horrendous jobs so we can afford to fill our cabinets with ramen -- all while scrambling to make something good out of life. For those who make it through... retrospect teaches us that comedy is tragedy plus time. What were once our dysfunctions are now the memorable stories we will never tell our grandkids. 

The characters’ journey begs us to consider that perhaps, instead of neutering our personalities, we can learn to laugh at and embrace the good, the bad and the ugly.


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