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Dakota Gorman

Writer, Director, Actress

In the most condensed version, I am a newly New York City resident, who was born and raised in Los Angeles. My parents are indie actors, and they nurtured my own interest in acting. Film, television, and theater has always been close to my heart--a huge companion to me growing into the person I am. At my core, I’m incredibly sensitive and have always been deeply affected by good storytelling, in the sense that it’s really influenced how I perceive things, how I want to move through the world, and what kind of experiences/interactions I have in my life. My friends know they can push me to do all kinds of things because I tend to operate under the idea of “all for the story.” The more I experience the more I can draw from and expand my way of thinking. It’s definitely been the catalyst for a lot of embarrassing, fun, and memorable moments. I also absolutely feel like I have twenty different personalities going on inside one body. My interests and general persona are all over the place, and a lot of times are contradicting.                  

Interview and Photos

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